War Memorial “General Vicente García González”

The War Memorial General Vicente García González, is located where before it was Vicente García's native house, in the street that today takes his name, number 5, btw Julián Santana and Francisco Vega. In this mansion he lived with his family up to 1868.

The construction of the property dates back to the year 1800. In its first times it was hardly a big house of brick walls and covered with tiles located next to Government's House, in the then Real Street (Calle Real).

Vicente Garcia Memorial

September 23 of 1876 General Vicente García assaulted and occupied with his men Las Tunas city. After having taken the city and subjugated during three days, General Vicente García orders to set on fire it, and the chosen place to begin the fire is in fact his house, pronouncing the epic words which are shown in the municipal shield as symbol of the strength of principles and love to the homeland: Las Tunas with pain in the soul I set fire to you, because I prefer see you burnt before slave.

At the end of 1876 the town begins to be reconstructed and with it General García's native house, which set  on fire and destroyed again in August of 1897 with the mambí attack led by Calixto García. In this occasion the columns of the hanging stayed without being destroyed as symbol of stability that today is the most representative exponent in Las Tunas from the colonial point of view.

The city began to be reconstructed in the first years of the pseudo-republic. In 1901, Pelegrín Boris acquires the house of Vicente García's descendants and builds in the courtyard a new wooden house.

Subsequently the house is bought by José and Rosendo Carbonell who in 1919 build on the ruins a great room with the purpose of using it like a shop called La Casa Grande (the Big House).

Vicente Garcia Memorial Interior

The reconstruction of 1919 had the carefulness of preserve to this representative house its colonial floor in form of U, the wide inner courtyard; the festoon hangings hold it by columns and the windows with dust cover. On the other hand, the facade exchanged for the eclecticism, with the fluted columns, the Corinthian capital and the big balustrades. In the decade of the 40s it is enlarged the prop and the width, besides, in the outside part of the warehouse is built out a commercial attaché, that is, what today constitutes the multi-purpose hall.

In 1946 the store La Sortija is inaugurated, keeping the same functions until the later years to the Victory of the Revolution in 1959. From 1970, it share place with another local trade: The orthopedics.

At the end of 1985, after a lot of efforts, the place is given to the State Culture Office who jointly with The Conservation and Restoration of Monuments Department begins the restoration works to rescue the historical place that saw born the patriot of Las Tunas city.

To this place was added a new room for activities, rescued the architecture inside, with a print of the original slab of the property. For its historical relevance, The War Memorial General Vicente García González, is declared in 1996 as National Monument.