Provincial Museum “General Vicente García González”

The Provincial Museum "General Vicente García González” stands majestic in the historic city centre of Las Tunas and it is the building of eclectic style more significant of the City.

This construction was built in the place occupied by Mr. Enrique Rosende's house, in the current Francisco Varona Street. During the Independence Wars it transformed into the Drum of Voluntary and later in the Barracks of Telegraphs.

Vicente Garcia Museum

It was built in 1921, on the ruins of the barracks before mentioned, destroyed in 1897 by the fire of the city. Up to 1959, it worked as City council or Municipal Palacio, starting from the revolutionary victory until the decade of eighties it had different social uses: headquarters of the Revolutionary Commissioner, of JUCEI (Meeting of Coordination, Execution and Inspection), of the Local Power, also of Pre-university "Luis Urquiza Jorge" and of the University Branch.

In 1980 this last was given to the Provincial Department of Culture for its restoration and use like patrimonial institution, and July 1 of 1984, it was inaugurated as Provincial Museum, by Armando Hart Dávalos.

The institution has general character and it has seven rooms of permanent exhibition and a transitory one that show the History, the Natural Sciences and the culture of the community in general. At the moment it has as social objective the rescue, conservation, investigation and exhibition of the cultural patrimony of Las Tunas city.

This traditionally blue building has an eclectic architecture that is majestic from the first moments in that the visitor arrives to Las Tunas city.

The Provincial Museum "General Vicente García González” is an important property that stores evidences of the history and the patrimony as Las Tunas city like the whole province.