The Chicken's Choke Ghost

The Chicken's Choke Ghost legend dates of the origins of Las Tunas town. At that time the superstition, still in educated people was notable and any person no matter how brave it was, trembled of terror in front the idea to bump into ghosts or "spirits."

Everything began one densely dark night under a threatening rainstorm, a lonely woman in her house saw a red small light in the riverbanks Ahoga-Pollos, she was completely sure about it was the spirit of some lost soul. The blinking red light terrified the woman that frightened locked in her modest house to wait her husband, when this one arrived home she tall him the whole story, in her view of course, adding things created because of panic.

The following morning after an insomnia and terror night, husband and wife took charge of spread the news to every house of neighbors and more than one of them, surely without having seen anything, assured had also saw red lights rising to the sky from the near cemetery.

The mysterious light continued appearing in the dark nights, in the same place and taking the same path. The popular fantasy ended up making of the light something like an extraordinary fact. The terror had taken possession of the neighbors, even the most superstitious locked their house at nightfall.

Nowadays, in the darkest nights, there is who see lights when they are crossing small bridges over the river Ahoga-Pollos.