The Cucalambe’s Festival

The Cucalambe’s Festival is a cultural event of some importance not only in Las Tunas city, but also in the whole country. The most significant festival of the Cuban peasantry is considered.

The Cucalambe’s Festival has been expression of the artistic creation and of the socio-cultural life in the rural areas. Highly significant for the quality and the reached convocation power, it has achieved to articulate in harmonic way the spiritual expressions rooted in the Cuban peasantry and the different elements of the material culture.

The fundamental motivation is commemorative, it is carried out around each anniversary of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo's birthday ("El Cucalambé"), July 1st , with the objective to pay homage to him and to revitalize the knowledge of the work of who was par excellence in the XIX century the Decimista (singer of the musical gender Décima).

It takes place annually in the estate “Cornito”, although its varied activities extend for other areas of Las Tunas city and of the whole region. The wide program includes singings where the improvisers is the main characters of the repentizar art, election of the Flower of Birama, one of the most rooted activities, because youths of the province of Cuba compete to represent the woman's physical and spiritual beauty.

It take place also humor group meets, guateques (rural party) in rural places and Catauro (Basket) of Décima, one of the most important spaces where the topics and traditional ways are alternated traditional themes and lines with the most current form of tackle the written Décima, and presentations of national and Ibero-American authors' books in general are carried out. Areas are enabled for the peasant traditional games, dances and traditional dances, exhibitions of craft, national living room of landscape and Décima mural.