Las Tunas City is characterized by cultural traditions very connoted due to its African-American-Hispanic roots of centuries and previous stages.

Las Tunas have an active, comparable cultural life to the one of other cities so large similar. Theaters exist in the city, the House of the Culture “Tomasa Varona”, and several cinemas in which it is developed the main events of the city.

An event, very traditional of the culture of Las Tunas city, the Cucalambeana Day is pointed out, where every group of traditions that have given rise nowadays to the current and traditional culture of Las Tunas city.

The first well-known version about the origin of the city’s name comes from the aboriginal mysticism, because Las Tunas is a town of myths and legends that bewitch their origins and give colorful to the life around its history.

Las Tunas city, located about 650 kilometers to the east of Havana and current capital of the province with the same name, has been recognized from the republic was annexation by famous legends based on supposed specters.

All these Cuban Traditions in their cartographic representation constitute a source of information for studious, investigators, educators, specialists, cultural promoters, students and all that one needs data about the ethnic, social and historical incidence of festivities, legends and traditions.