Norge Batista Albuerne

Norge Batista Albuerne, is a Cuban musician, singer-songwriter, guitar player and composer, born in October 30th of 1969 in Las Tunas city.

Norge Batista Albuerne is a young man, exponent of the movement that could be denominated the novísima trova, artistic and musical movement born as expression of the Cuban Revolution.

Norge Batista Albuerne

From 1988, Norge Batista Albuerne who took several compositions of his authorship on the back, as well as presentations in his native city, becomes member of the Association Hermanos Saiz (AHS), national project that groups and makes know to the youngest talents of the culture and arts of Cuba, standing out for an artistic coherent proposal, full with love to the music and sustained by the brilliant idea and the virtuosity in the composition and the interpretation.

Norge Batista Albuerne, with his soft and sweet chords, and a lyrical fresh one but deep, is one of the big examples of a generation that, although he gave a musical legendary inheritance to the generation previous of exponents like Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, Noel Nicola, Vicente Feliú, among other, they are trying open a musical significant breach, separating like a descendant with other problems and typical artistic expressions.

Until the present, Norge Batista have two record productions published under record label AYVA MUSIC, and three data collection of gender, collective.