Vicente García

Vicente García, president of the Republic of Cuba in Arms 1877-1878, was born in the Real Street of Las Tunas city in January 23th of 1833.

Vicente García was born with a silver spoon in one's mouth and he carried out their first studies in Las Tunas city and then it traveled to Santiago de Cuba, where he studied in San Basilio El Magno Seminary. From very young he showed their interest for the Independence cause, because he didn't support the abuses that Cuban people suffered.

Vicente García

He got married to Brígida Zaldívar Cisneros from Camagüey province, sweet and tender wife that never abandoned him neither in times of war.

In 1856 he joined to a conspiracy against the Spanish government; however, it was an inconsequential act because to the short experience of those conspirators and the bad conditions of the moment.

In 1865, after the first Spaniards expulsion out the Dominican Republic, the young tunero began meeting with his cousin Francisco Varona González and both young had the same idea, that Cuba could achieve the same victory as their neighbor country.

At the beginning of 1868 Vicente García became a member of Estrella Tropical Lodge in Bayamo, it acting like conspiracy center in Oriente province.

March 16 of 1878, Vicente Garcia, is elect General-in-chief of the Republic Army having Maceo as his second in command. Starting from here, the war was renewed, and General Vicente García won several battles such as: Pozo de Caimán, La Cucaracha, Parada, Vista Hermosa and others.

When the war stopped for the present situations, Vicente García's troops capitulated in June 6 of 1878 with full military honours, arranging with every base handover of weapons, the ending of slavery, and other.

In June 17th, Vicente García went on board in the vapor "Guadalquivir", for Venezuela, settling down in Rio Chico, where it founds a cooperative with his army sons and family. He was there collaborating in the revolutionary new era, and logically it was foreseen for the war of 1895.

Principal Battles:

  • October 16 of 1868: Battle in mines El Rompe.
  • November of 1868: Battle of El Gramal, carried out Machete in Hands.
  • December of 1868: Battle of Becerra.
  • January of 1869: Battle of Miguel Ramos.
  • August 16 of 1869: He participates in the assault to Las Tunas, under Manuel Quesada command.

The Cuban glorious general Vicente García, died March 4 of 1886, killed for the Spaniards. Ramón Dávila, spy for Spain, gave to him ground broken glass in a quimbombó (traditional Cuban meal).

José Martí wrote about Vicente Carcía death: "There, in an unhappy asylum, was dying  for long times, in the rustic bed, a Cuban General, surrounded for his army sons, and he leaned over his elbow, not to talk about lands but to bequeath them, with the last ray on his eyes, the obligation of fighting for their country until seeing it free of the foreign people that hates it and exterminates it as well."