Guillermo de Jesús Vidal Ortiz

Guillermo de Jesus Vidal Ortiz, outstanding writer from Las Tunas city, was born February 10th of 1952. He is considered the reformist of the Cuban narrative of eighties in the XX century.

Guillermo de Jesus Vidal Ortiz’s father, Alcides Vidal, was soldering iron, and his mother Zoila Ortiz, still alive, is housewife. He had two siblings, Marilín and Alcides. For family circumstances, he was raised by his paternal uncles where his aunt Lilandia Vidal took charge of his upbringing.

Guillermo de Jesus Vidal Ortiz

Already he came of age, in 1962, to Guillermo de Jesus Vidal Ortiz is presented the opportunity enroll for the emergent course of professors of the specialty of Spanish and Literature at University in Holguín city. Concluding the studies in 1979 he was one of the best academic records.

His workig life begins as professor of Spanish and Literature at the high school Cucalambé (1970). In 1973 he moves to sugar mill Frank País, in Cayo Mambí, Holguín province, living there for seven years. He got married with Juana Chacón where they got two children: America and Aliar.

There he was teacher workings in a high school and a senior high school in Sagua de Tánamo County. That same year he returns to Las Tunas and he begins to work as professor of Latin American and of Caribbean Literature, in the then Pedagogical University.

In 1978, Guillermo Vidal, publishes his first short story in the Dos Ríos literary bulletin from Jiguaní, Granma city. In 1980, he incorporated to the active life in the literary workshops as member of the Provincial Workshop and responsible for the Section of Literature of the Brigade Hermanos Saiz. For those years he knew José Soler Puig who helped him a lot, and taught him to polish the texts and to have a work iron will. From 1992 he begins to work in the sector of the culture and he carries out different functions; in the Center of Provincial Information and in the Regional Office of Culture.

Guillermo Vidal imparted postgraduate course and training about narratology, Cuban and Spanish American narrative. He was tutor of diverse diploma works. He offered conferences in diverse parts of the country and he was part of juries in national competitions and other provincial ones.

He traveled to several countries like member of the delegation of Cuban writers with a work on narratology and he went to the international book fair in Guadalajara, Mexico. He participated in countless round-table conference about the novel and the short story in many parts of the country.

Guillermo de Jesús Vidal Ortiz got several prizes, such as:

  • National Prize Raúl Gómez García, “Otro canto del gallo”, short-story, 1981.
  • First Prize in Biennial Marcos Antilla, Se permuta esta casa, short-story, 1985.
  • March 13th Competition Prize, Los Iniciados, cuento, 1985.
  • David Prize, Se permuta esta casa, short-story, 1986.
  • UNEAC Prize, Confabulación de la araña, short-story, 1990.
  • Short-Listed for The Critics Prize, Matarile, novel, 1993.
  • Special Prize Hermanos Loynaz, El quinto sol, novel, 1996.
  • International Prize Casa Teatro of Dominican Republic, Las manzanas del paraíso, novel, 1998.
  • Prize Alejo Carpentier, La saga del perseguido, novel, 2003.

Guillermo de Jesús Vidal Ortiz died in 1989 product a heart attack. Many of his works appear at the moment in the grilles of some houses and in the park Vicente García.

In honour of the distinguished figure of the culture from Las Tunas city and author of more than a dozen of books; in 2006 the National Prize of Narrative Guillermo Vidal Ortiz was established. This prize has annual character; in the first year short story category and the second one novels. At the present time, 5 awarded books in the course of these occasions have been published.